Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuk "Pepsi" at New Chiangmai Brasserie Location

Last night Tuk turned up at Pik and Stefan's place.  I think he was surprised to see me.

Tuk and his wife Jit run the Brasserie in Chiangmai which has relocated from its excellent riverside location to a smaller spot just outside the eastern side of the old city walls.

Two decades ago Tuk had a reputation as the best rock and roll guitarist in Chiangmai and his specialty was Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and early Eric Clapton covers, and he was always backed by a powerful rhythm section.

These days there's some downsizing happening, and he's playing mostly acoustic guitar now, and mentoring a new generation of younger, hungry local musicians.

Tuk is widely traveled for a Thai, having been to Europe and Japan several times over the years, and there was a period in the mid-nineties when he secured a sponsorship deal from the Pepsi corporation.  Since "Tuk" is a somewhat common nickname in Thailand, he was known as Tuk Pepsi for awhile.

He and I had a falling out at one point, but later I realized I had pushed something a little too far, and so I sought to mend fences with him, and today that story is water long under the bridge.

My friend Marc and I were musical partners in the early '90s, and often Thai people couldn't tell us apart, they calling me "Marc" and calling him "Dave".

Apparently Tuk's wife Jit mixed up the two of us again last night.  After chatting with her for awhile, she said:  "So are you here to see your daughter?"

I explained to her that Pepo isn't my daughter but "she's Marc's daughter", and Jit apologized, but I assured her that of course "I'm here to see her too."

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