Sunday, May 30, 2010

Los Esclavos in the National News (Day 7)

Well, there`s plenty of excitement here today with Los Esclavos on national TV, and the locals are gathering at the bridges to check out the devastation caused by yesterday`s rains--which never really let up until early this morning.

Rains, flooding, and mudslides took out a number of trees and sections of a road in the village down by the old stone bridge and power plant. These in turn pulled down several electric lines and poles, which did further damage to homes nearby. The police and ambulances are here, as is the electric company--and everybody from the village.

The scene has also drawn gawkers from Cuilapa and other nearby settlements. Many of these people have come to take photos and to telephone their friends and relatives. A couple of them have professional looking cameras, so I take them for local media.

I also took some photos but I`m still unable to upload to this site. I hope to be able to do so sometime in the not-too-distant future.

I should be leaving for the border today but the excitement has caused some delay in those plans. And for the record, I still can`t get cash from the ATMs!

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