Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Time Moves Slow Here

I finally found some high speed computers here in Juayua, so this cybercafe is the most popular in town with the kids who come here to play Grand Theft Auto & other games. (These boys are in their school uniforms--are they skipping school to sit in front of a monitor?) Everything else around here is purr-ity darn slow, though . . .but I´m starting to get into the pace of things & enjoy the overall scene.

Salvadorans are generally very friendly & helpful people--even for a gringo like me. I´m still looking for a place to get "stuck." While the Ruta de las Flores ain´t a bad place to be, I´m not feeling really like sticking--after all, my ostensible mission is to get to Merida, Venezuela. But I found someone to do my laundry, and when that happens I have to take advantage of it ´cause I´m traveling way light.

We also have some rain today, so I´m not inclined to hoof it around looking for my bus connections to the coast (in other words I had a late start! See? Time moves pretty slow here) .
Again, how doable is this Merida mission anyway?

To have any realistic chance of pulling this off, I need to be in Panama City by June 15 at the latest. The quickest way to get there overland is by Tica bus from San Salvador via Managua & San Jose, Costa Rica--a three day trip. But of course, I want to mosey a bit, too, with stops on the Pacific coast (if not here then in Nicaragua) and then I want to revisit my student´s uncle Marco in San Jose & maybe go to Tortuguero on the Carribean side. How long will this take? I have exactly six weeks to be back in Guatemala City for my flight home.

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